High performing products, superior builds

Across the Group, we’ve expertise at hand for every stage of the build process. From the outset of a project, throughout the build, and during its lifespan, we can work with you as required, flexibly integrating with your teams.

Bespoke Development
Working closely with supply chain partners, we continuously advance the construction process; shaping best practice, informing material selection and design, and ensuring optimum outcomes.


We are an Employee Benefit Trust with 37+ years of building experience with a highly-successful project portfolio. We have highly-competent teams and unrivalled technical and manufacturing know-how, which we combine to provide a fully-immersive service offering.

High Performance
Our building envelope solutions are continuously evolving to provide superior performance. Built to last, independently tested and highly accredited, they provide a robust solution for a wide range of builds.

Building Products, our manufacturing arm, designs, develops, manufactures and supplies premium performing metal building envelope systems and components,. This includes our own-brand products and special commissions. 

Our contracting divisions comprise; Roofing Services - for technically complex, premium, large-scale build and building envelope installation. Specialist Cladding Systems - experts in a wide range of cladding installation across all builds. Refurbishment Projects; broader construction services designed to renew and improve existing builds.

Support Services
Offering valuable and expert support at every stage of a project, our in-house teams provide building design, specification, development, management and maintenance services. This incorporates both the building envelope and internal fit out.

Building Products
Firmly established as a leading manufacturer, award-winning Building Products is concerned with all aspects of the metal building envelope. Our core range, detailed opposite, is manufactured on-site at our factory in County Durham, England, and includes the world-renowned Twin-Therm® Built-Up Roof and Wall system and variants.

BP works both independently and in conjunction with CA Group’s contracting divisions to fulfil a vast array of commercial and industrial projects.

Clients include leading property developers; Prologis, Goodman and Panattoni, along with big brand retailers, B&Q, Amazon, Jaguar Land Rover and Sainsburys.

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CA Roofing Services
Our CARS division works closely with contractors and developers to create optimum performing commercial and industrial spaces - utilising the building envelope to maximum effect.

They provide expert onsite management, build and installation to complete high-spec schemes - often requiring controlled, secure environments and sustainably sourced materials.

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CA Specialist Cladding Systems
Experts in fitting a wide range of specialist wall products, including rainscreen, brickslips, composite, ceramic and high-pressure laminates, our team are highly accredited and certified, and excel at delivering complex, high-spec projects.

SCS’ experience spans the education, health, hospitality, leisure, EFW, data centre and residential industries, often featuring multi rooms.

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CA Refurbishment Projects
We work to preserve, conserve and enhance existing industrial, commercial and residential builds, making existing property more fit-for-purpose, robust, and aesthetically pleasing, while also extending lifespan.

Our team draw on the Groups’ experience to develop solutions to best meet project objectives, often to enhance building performance, operating efficiency and corporate image.

Projects are carefully managed with minimal disruption to business activity. Services range from small civils work to major industrial renovations and include deconstruction, development, maintenance and repair. 

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CA Support Services
Our full range of consultancy services, provided by in-house teams, offer expert support at every stage of the project; from initial concept exploration, through to design, technical development, specification, planning, project management, construction, maintenance and aftercare - for the duration of a build’s lifespan and beyond.

Our combined wealth of experience enables us to take a holistic approach to property development, providing a seamless and efficient service that adds value to your project.

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