The SolarWall® unglazed Transpired Solar Collector (uTSC) is a highly efficient solar air heating system that harnesses the sun’s energy to heat fresh, outdoor air for buildings. Installed as an ‘additional skin’ to a building’s southerly facing façade, the SolarWall® collector consists of either a pre-coated steel external profile, or flat aluminium rainscreen panel, which is perforated with thousands of tiny holes uniformly spaced cross the full face of the collector.

As solar radiation is absorbed by the SolarWall®, its outer surface is warmed and this solar heat conducts to the thermal boundary layer that lines the outer surface of the collector. This heated boundary layer of air is then drawn through the perforations into a specifically designed air cavity that is created between the SolarWall® collector and the original elevation behind. From here, the fresh, solar heated air can then be introduced directly into the building as ventilation air, or ducted directly into the buildings HVAC system, where it can be used as a pre-heater for the main heating system.

Product Features & Benefits

Global use in over 38 countries

Solar energy conversion of up to 80%

Heats fresh outside air by as much as +45°C above ambient

Significant reductions in both operational energy use and CO2 emissions

Included within the UK governments SBEM calculation methodology for EPC & BRUKL certification

Significant contribution towards renewable commitments & planning requirements

Contributes towards BREEAM & LEED certification schemes

Colorcoat products specifically developed to maximise solar absorption performance

Economic payback periods as low as 3 years

Reduces cost of building ventilation (fresh air) as required by BS EN 19773: 2007

Maintenance free collector design

Collector can be installed on elevations ranging from due east to due west, in a southerly orientation

Can be delivered in rolled profiles or architectural rainscreen finishes to suit building design

Seamless integration with building façade

Can be used as a renewable feature

Specifically engineered to suit its intended application

Flexibility of colours and profile choice

Manufactured from the same components as the building envelope

Technical design advice available

Maintenance routes and rooflight avoidance
Quality Assurance

System performance independently tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 9806: 2017 – Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar ‘A’ Mark Certified by the Solar Air Heating World Industries Association (SAHWIA)

Independently tested, monitored and proven by BSRIA within the UK

CA Group Guarantee

Colorcoat® products specifically developed to maximise solar absorption performance

Independently assessed system EPD’s

Pre-coated steel options certified to BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products

Green form of renewable heating

All materials manufactured and supplied from within the UK

Standard building envelope components

No specialist skills or tools required for installation

SolarDuct® is a solar air heating system for rooftops, based on the Solarwall® TSC technology.

Product Features & Benefits

Combines PV/Thermal cogeneration system

Units can be specifically orientated for maximum performance


Quality Assurance


Combined energy sources offer greater efficiencies

Low energy running costs

Minimal Co2 emissions

Renewable heat source

We work with a range of supply chain partners to supply and install photovoltaic solutions to the building envelope, all compatible with Twin-Therm® Built-Up Roof and Wall system.

Product Features & Benefits
Reduces utility costs
Integrates with Twin-Therm® built-up roof and wall system
Delivers exceptional energy production

Optimises use of roof area
Modular integration
Non-bonded solution generally improves solar unit efficiency
Non-fragile roof system permits access for maintenance purposes when correct height safety considerations are in place

Streamlined, low profile

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® can be used under Photovoltaic (PV) frame modules with no reduction in Confidex® Guarantee. length
PV layout design to accommodate maintenance, avoidance of end-laps, walkways and rooflights

Quality Assurance
CA Group guarantee

Harnesses solar energy

Ease of install
Can be installed retrospectively

green roof

Green roofs can bring wide ranging economic and environmental benefits to a scheme and offer an alternative natural aesthetic.  We work with supply chain partners, including Blackdown Horticultural, Knauf UrbanScape and Sky Garden and to provide a range of options to complement the building envelope.

Product Features & Benefits
Building Performance

Reducing storm water run off

Provides a sustainable drainage sytem (SuDS)

Reduced energy use

Reduced sound transfer

Improved aesthetics

Increased insulation

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Potentially increasing roof lifespan

Contributes to BREEAM

Aids with planning consent

Additional environmental benefits

Climate change litigation

Climate change adaptation

Increased biodiversity and wildlife

Improved air  and water quality

Improved views

Provides urban amenities

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