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With 37+ years of multidisciplinary construction experience, spanning hundreds of successful schemes, we’ve amassed a wealth of expertise, technical know-how, and competence.

Our project portfolio is vast and varied, ranging from football stadia to data centres, Energy From Waste (EFW) plants to e-tailing warehousing, residential multiplex’s to retail parks. We offer both a single source supply or third-party installation.

With our full-circle service offering and wide-ranging expertise, we’ve support at hand for every stage of a project, offering continuity of knowledge throughout the programme of work.

Sector Specialisms

building now for the future

Advancing construction application and the built environment, our building approach is centred on performance, sustainability and long-term delivery. 

We’re developing progressive new builds that can be adapted over time to flex with our changing world, evolving to meet the commercial, social and environmental needs of the future.

We’re working to preserve and conserve existing buildings, bringing new life to older schemes; modernising, making functional and extending a build’s lifespan, while improving its performance, efficiency and aesthetics.

Contracting - New Build
With over 37 years industry experience, we’ve fulfilled a plethora of successful construction schemes across the UK. We’re experts in complex and highly-technical projects and supply to a range of leading property developers and contractors. Our sectors specialisms can be seen below.

Contracting - Refurbishment
Our Refurbishment Projects division are specialists in building renewal projects. Offering expert guidance and construction services, their work spans repairs, replacements, upgrades, ongoing and ad-hoc maintenance to the building envelope and internal spaces, helping to keep buildings fully operational, efficient and high-performing.

Support Services
We’ve highly-skilled teams and expertise on hand at every stage of the project to support your company and your supply chain.  Complemented by a range of ancillary services, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution.

ca roofing services

Our CARS division works closely with contractors and developers to create optimum performing commercial and industrial spaces; utilising the building envelope to maximum effect. They provide expert onsite management, build and installation to complete high-spec schemes, often requiring controlled, secure environments and sustainably sourced materials.

Built-Up Roof & Wall Cladding

Specialists in large scale, acoustic design and multi-sector projects, our Roofing Services teams offer premium installation of built-up roof and wall cladding. Providing expert technical application to achieve the most complex building briefs, they work to deliver high-quality construction of innovative commercial and industrial schemes.

Composite panel Installation

From rock fibre to foam, we provide high-quality and reliable composite panel installation services of a wide range of solutions. Our teams receive regular training to provide a comprehensive and technically competent service, ensuring optimum standards are achieved in terms of safety, fire prevention and finish.

Membrane Roof Installation

We provide effective and high-quality installation of both site-assembled and factory made membrane roof solutions.  Large-scale projects demand a very different approach – experience we can offer for a reliable and effective service.

Rainscreen Installation

Whether it’s part of a build or covering the entire external wall, our teams can work with you to provide premium installation services, collaborating with construction partners on and off site to ensure a productive delivery.

Standing Seam Roof Installation

For installation of standing seam roofs on large and multi-site developments, our Roofing Services teams are ideally suited. Experts in this specialist area, we offer a highly-professional and high-quality service to ensure superior workmanship and a superior and long-performing finish.

Estimating / Budgets

With expert and intricate knowledge of large and multi-site projects, we provide full estimation and budgeting service that is based on accurate and up-to-date information and experience. Our clients rely on our teams to efficiently and effectively aid with cost management.

Value Engineering Design Support

Value Engineering is ever-important on large-scale projects – minor modifications can deliver significant advantages. Our teams work to meticulously detail and define the best course of construction and the best design application to maximise project value and quality.

Site planning / Logistics

Our experience in site management is extensive. As a construction and manufacturing company we’ve delivered hundreds of projects, and amassed significant expertise in site and logistics planning and management – expertise we extend to our clients to access as a service.

Design / Drafting

Our technical expertise is on-hand to support clients with the most challenging briefs. We provide a comprehensive and streamlined design and drafting service to provide accurate and detailed information and guidance that draws upon our engineering know-how.

Fit Out Support

Our comprehensive services extend to building fit out. We offer project design, specification and construction works to complete the build – ensuring a premium internal finish – as well as a premium external finish.

ca Specialist cladding systems

Experts in fitting a wide range of specialist wall products, including rainscreen, brickslips, composite, ceramic and high-pressure laminates, our team are highly accredited and certified, and excel at delivering complex, high-spec projects.
SCS’ experience spans the education, health, hospitality, leisure, EFW, data centre and residential industries, often featuring multi rooms.

Standing Seam / Secret Fix Installation

We supply and install the River-Therm® Secret Fix roofing system and offer installation services for all other secret fix and standing seam solutions (previous installations have included MR24, keybemo, SpeedDeck). All fitted efficiently and with outstanding quality workmanship.

Membrane Roof Installation

Our highly-qualified teams offer professional installation of single ply site-assembled and factory-assembled single ply flat membrane roofing. We’ve ample experience in the application of a variety of materials, including reinforced PVC, FPO, hot melt and roof deck panelling.

Specialist Rainscreen Installation

Our teams are fully trained installation specialists, competent in the fitting of a wide range of specialist materials and systems, including, but not limited to, GRC, brick slips, CoreTen, Trespa and Prime® rainscreen.

Bespoke Composite System Installation

We work closely with construction partners to fulfil challenging installation briefs, often incorporating highly-customised and intricate panel arrangements to create innovative building aesthetics. Other services include the installation of security rated cladding.

Value Engineering (VE) & Design

Our VE approach ensures we deliver optimum value in the construction process, applying our expert knowledge of complex schemes to identify potential obstacles and solutions at the outset, while our design support team are on hand to aid with ongoing challenges as they arise.

Estimating / Budgets

We provide full build estimates, based on informed construction and product know-how to achieve accurate projections and effective budgeting – aiding with cost management throughout the build process. Our expertise spans commercial, multiroom, high-rise and multi-purpose builds.

Drafting & Design

Our in-house drafting and design teams are well-versed when it comes to managing highly specialist, architecturally demanding and innovative schemes. They provide expert input early in the build process and throughout – helping to keep your project on plan.

Speculative Development Support

We provide main contractor services to client involved in speculative or early-stage developments, helping to inform design, identify suitable products and specifications and by providing best practice guidance for build application.

ca refurbishment projects

We work to preserve, conserve and enhance existing industrial, commercial and residential builds, making existing property more fit-for-purpose, robust, and aesthetically pleasing, while also extending lifespan. Our team draw on the Groups’ experience to develop solutions to best meet project objectives, often to enhance building performance, operating efficiency and corporate image. Projects are carefully managed with minimal disruption to business activity. Services range from small civils work to major industrial renovations and include deconstruction, development, maintenance and repair.

Removal and Renewal

We offer a full range of construction services to upgrade properties, addressing both the external shell and internal space, including stripping and re-sheeting of roof and walls, cladding removal, asbestos removal, over-skinning, façade replacement, aesthetics, thermal improvements and more.

Upgrading Facades

A key factor in building renewal can often involve the replacement of building envelope components to achieve greater operating efficiency, e.g. for thermal performance, or more modern aesthetics.  Our highly-skilled teams are experts in façade renewal, providing high-quality workmanship and service throughout.


As experts in installation, repair and renewal our maintenance services span the build spectrum – from quality inspections through to build aftercare and complete replacement. As experts in all areas, we can provide a comprehensive maintenance solution, aiding with best practice care guidance to prevent issues, as well as aiding with remedial works.

Small works

We offer both proactive and reactive services for existing and new clients, which can cover a multitude of requirements – from one-off roof repairs to readying a building for M&E install. Our teams are on-hand to ensure the continual performance of a building, minimising any business disruption and ensuring an effective solution. This can often involve short-notice and out-of-hours response times.

Value Engineering Design Support

In-line with the CA Group approach, we address all projects with a VE aim to ensure the optimum build process for both cost and quality outcomes, working closely with our design teams to fulfil project objectives.

Estimating & Budgeting

We provide full build estimates, based on our vast industry experience and on-site project assessment. Our intricate knowledge of build refurbishment means we can identify potential issues and challenges ahead of build commitments and provide accurate projections and effective budgeting.

Design / Drafting

Drawing on experience across the group, we provide superior design and drafting services for any projects commissioned to CARP. Our service extends across multiple sectors, types and sizes of schemes and we utilise the latest software and 3D visualisation tools.

Principal Contractor

Acting as the Principal Contractor we offer comprehensive project management services that incorporates, cost estimations, product specifications, planning, construction and handover – managing the whole process expertly on behalf of clients.


Our full range of consultancy services, provided by in-house teams, providing expert support at every stage of the project; from initial concept exploration, through to design, technical development, specification, planning, project management, construction, maintenance and aftercare, for the duration of a build’s lifespan and beyond. Our combined wealth of experience enables us to take a holistic approach to property development, providing a seamless and efficient service that adds value to your project.

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